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Looking for web and app development training in DFW? Edge Tech Academy’s training facility is designed to enhance your educational and creative experience. It is centrally located in Arlington, Texas – just minutes from Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, and Southlake.

If you are ready to launch your career, contact us today at 682-478-3018.

What We Offer

Start your web and app development training at Edge Tech Academy today, and start learning valuable and in-demand skills that employers want. Our Web and App Development program includes courses in the following skills:

  • User Interface Design: UI design creates user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces for software and computers. Anticipate users’ needs, and produce designs that function with ease and efficiency.
  • Full Stack Java: Full Stack includes both the front end (the visible) and the backend (the infrastructure) for a website or application. Learn the basics of building a development platform with Java, MySQL, and Spring Boot.
  • Full Stack C#: Learn how to build a full stack C# web application with this object-oriented programming language. C# is one of the most popular programming languages, so this skill is essential today.
  • Mobile and App Development: Create a fully functioning application for Mobile platforms using programming languages learned in previous courses. Prioritize interface functionality, database design, and security concerns to design an application that solves business needs.
  • SQL and Database Design: Structured Query Language (SQL) manages data in a relational database system. In this course, you can learn SQL and gain a general overview of database design principles.
  • Web Development: Apply previously learned skills and programming languages to create a full-stack web application. Choose your language, framework, and backend database and solve business needs.
  • Agile Software Development: Learn and put into practice the principles of agile software development. This approach prioritizes adaptation, evolutionary development, and continual improvement by recognizing that solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers.

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