Web and App Development

Edge Tech Academy has created a unique Web and App Development Program that teaches real-world programming skills including Java, JavaScript, and C# core languages, HTML5, CSS, and Angular front-end, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, and MySQL databases, and Jade, ASP.NET, and Spring Boot frameworks.

Our program is a 21st-century software curriculum that prepares students for their first professional software development position.  We take a holistic approach to programming: database design, programming languages, and frameworks that combine to make complete functioning software.

Our Web and App Development program equips students with a portfolio of project and development examples, as well as a resume that stands out, to share with potential employers during interviews. Graduates will be ready to demonstrate ready-to-work skills, with minimal lag time to begin contributing to the employer’s development efforts.

Why should I become a Web and App Developer?

If you enjoy working in a creative and collaborative environment and are looking for a challenging career that is in demand and has solid earning potential, this may be the career for you. Technology is infiltrating more and more elements of our lives, from cars to appliances to smartphones. Developing this technology takes more and more programmers and, as the industry grows into additional areas of our lives, software programming careers increase in demand and stability.

At Edge Tech Academy, our Web and App Development Program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions including App Developer and Web Developer. By learning three core languages and skills including agile project management, how to utilize open source code, and designing for mobile, graduates have the opportunity to take their career in several different directions.

Start today

If you are looking for web and app development training in DFW, contact us today. We can answer any questions you have, on the phone or while touring our facility. High school diploma, GED, or equivalent required.