Why Choose Edge Tech Academy?


Today’s leading edge careers need leading edge training. With Edge Tech Academy’s Web and App Development Program our focus is preparing you for today’s high-tech job market with training that will give you the skills to qualify for today’s in-demand software programming career opportunities.

Gone are the days when businesses could succeed without leading-edge technology. Automation, digitization, and cloud computing software are not just competitive advantages anymore, they are the difference between success and failure. Superior software is the path to growth, cost reduction, and efficiency. For this reason, businesses need uniquely skilled software developers.


We took a project-oriented approach to Web and App Development training focusing on the symphony of programming, not just solo skills. In this program, everything you need is orchestrated together so that, as a graduate, you will be able to create working applications that solve problems. In our program, our students are taught exactly how a language works with a framework and how it builds off of the database. Our goal is to have our graduates prepared to contribute to a full project and not be limited to an individual skill set.

Through an accelerated and intensive training environment that fosters creativity and vision, Edge Tech Academy prepares individuals to impact emerging fields, markets, and frontiers.

Convenient Class Schedule

Our class schedules can make career training possible for you while meeting your current obligations.

Classes are 4 hours per day 5 days a week for approximately 8 months and are offered in morning, afternoon, and evening schedules.

Hands-on Experience

Many students learn best by doing; at Edge Tech Academy we believe that directly applies to computer programming training. Our program combines dynamic lecture interlaced with hands-on programming practice. By joining the two, our graduates can develop their skills at an accelerated pace to prepare for their future careers.

Qualified Instructors

Edge Tech Academy’s faculty, in addition to having real-world experience in web and app development, also meet or exceed accreditation standards, ensuring students are learning from qualified and industry experienced instructors.

If you are looking for web and app programming training schools in Dallas-Fort Worth and would like to speak with one of our representatives about scheduling your personal campus tour, contact us today